Saturday, 30 November 2013

Twenty-first birthday

Last month I turned twenty-one and had a whole lot of people over to my house for a party.  We had food and drink and an African drummer and dancer.  It was great.

My twin sister's party was in town and people dressed up as from the roaring twenties.  I went and talked to an old friend of Sarah's.

I want to tell people that my sister is so very much a part of me.  This is what I wrote for our birthday.  Dad read it out at Sarah's party.  It was written last year because we were no longer teenagers.  (You can see videos of me working on it here and, with more information about support, here.)


The first day born is never remembered but always celebrated.

The years that shortly follow are the most precious as they are the ones that shape us.

The thing I will always cherish is having another person with me for every one of those formative steps.

Although the steps look different, they are still steps shared.

Nothing bonds you to someone like sharing steps, sharing experiences, and most importantly sharing acceptance of our differences.

As we get older it changes, but deep in the heart it stays the same.

Some days I wonder what the future may bring, but I always think it will work out fine for as long as I have people who "get" me in my life.

There hasn't been the opportunity to say it with my voice but kind of hope that my actions have expressed my feelings adequately.

Sister, I love you.



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  1. Wow Ben these words are beautiful! What a lovely gift to your sister.