Friday, 31 January 2014

A new voice

Hi!  I hope everyone is having a great 2014.  I am looking forward to this year because I am starting to understand music and hope to put some lines to music.  I'll let you know how I get on but for now here are some short lines I wrote in 2012.  I was just playing with words, enjoying my new voice on the new Lightwriter.  (My old Lightwriter had not worked for a long time.)  The difference is massive - without a voice they are just words on paper.

The Struggle

Think of a time when,
Through no reason or rhyme,
You find yourself trapped in a space.

Now that you’re there
Its awfully clear
There’s a need to escape with much haste.

After a while of moping around
And delicately fixating on all matter of sound
You realise it’s not all that strange.

For this is reality.
At times there’s a haze
That can last just a moment
Or up to some days

But adding it up
It’s worth the struggle and rage.
Written 18 September 2012, using a Lightwriter on trial loan

The Cat

What would life be like if I was a cat? 

The indulgence of roaming freely over undulating landscapes 
feeling the different textures pressing up against my padded feet.

Scanning the land and skies for any resemblance of food, 
alive or already pre prepared on the roadside.

Taking the opportunity to use my excuse of catliness
I let my inside rascal out.

Scratching the carpet creates joyful muscular ripples
dancing down my limbs and back.

Showing my tumultuous mood I leer at the neighbourhood moggies
tempting them to a half play half serious fight.
Written 9 October 2012

Lines on the arrival of a new Lightwriter

The morning sun sparkled on me 
the day my new voice broke.
The sky was clear, the hopes were high
the day my new voice broke. 

The days ahead will hear my thoughts
And future friends will know me by sound 
All because my voice broke.  

Who knows what other voices 
may come years down my life?
Maybe a fat bald man’s 
Or a rough truck driver?  

Or maybe even my own? 

But today is a happy one
Forever known as 
The day my new voice broke.

Written 6 November 2012, having received my new Lightwriter

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