Saturday, 18 May 2013

2010 - Dorothea Mackellar poetry competition

In 2010 I won the Dorothea Mackellar school poetry competition with this piece.  The poem came to me in my mind as I was thinking about how to say what was in my mind about music.  The theme was very hard for me because I have mixed feelings about music.

I was so proud and surprised to hear my name called as the winner.  Until then I had no idea that people might like my writings.

Can't Stop the Music 

When I am in my world I can hear music.

I hear it at night
I hear it in people’s noises
I hear it in the places I go each day.
When I talk to people I hear music.
When I sleep I hear music.
Music is my constant companion.
My life is ruled by the music in my head.

Music is my friend but also my enemy.
When you can ‘t stop the music it becomes an obsession.
I can hear the music now
Playing, playing.
Over and over in my head.
Like the waves continually lapping the sand and then getting louder and louder as they crash.

Music is such a comfort
But it can be such a horrible thing.
Music in my head.  Playing over and over again.

People say that love is like a song.
Not for me. Love is not about music for me.
Not a song, not a symphony, not a band playing, not a national anthem.
Music. Music. Always playing.

Such a distraction to a happy life.
I wish the music would go away.
But probably it never will.
Music, music.  Always there.
I think music needs to become my friend
as it’s always my companion.

Like a companion who never leaves your side.
Who stays with you everywhere you go.
Day and night.
Night and day.
How can you become my friend?

Music in my head.
Like a house is not a home
Until you make it one
So I must learn good things to do with the music.

Music, music.
Please be my friend.
I need you to be my friend.
Like a mother needs her child
after being separated at birth

Music, music.
Please, please be my friend
Music, music, music.
Music in my head.
Over and over and over again.
I hear music.
Music in my head

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