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2010 to 2012 - Brotherhood of the Wordless

The Brotherhood of the Wordless is a group of people who have no voice except through typing.  The Brotherhood is good because we get to think and talk about a range of things.  The leadership given by David makes us all think about new stuff.

(Items written at meetings.  Some of these have been included in performances and published in books by the Brotherhood.)
21 July 2010: Responding to stimulus questions from David Stavenger (Ghostboy)
  • David:  Think of two times during the day:  The moment you open your eyes and wake up and the moment you close your eyes.
I am amazed at the sense of being alive.  I feel grateful that I am alive and well.
At night I feel grateful.  I wish that I feel good for the next day.

  • David: Think of one of the most significant events or days of your life.  Create a photo of it in words.  Place us there.
      Kirra Beach 
Walking on the beach
I felt totally free and liberated
I wanted to do this for the rest of my life
It was the wind blowing the waves
It was the sun sparkling on the water
I loved the water on my feet
The smell of the salt water
The wind makes me feel carried away from my body
I am just getting the hang of it.

  • David:  If you could have a sixth sense – any special sense – no limits. What special gift do you have/would you like to have?  What would you do with it? How does it make the world different for you, now that you have it?

I can tell the best and worst people on this earth. 
The feelings that I have inside me are never wrong. 
The way that people look at me is enough
to get me going into a special openness 
that clings to me after they have gone. 
The thinking that my brain does inside my head is much more than you or anyone could imagine.

20 October 2010: Responding to stimulus questions from David Stavenger (Ghostboy) 
  • David:  Write the story of the lines of your hands, as if your lines are talking. 
When I put my hands in my pocket they are hiding from the world. 
  • David:  What does it feel like to be a hand gripping something?
I might open the door to its secret by listening to how it feels in my hand.

  • David:  Get your mouth to describe what its like to taste 
It tastes new things all the time.  It feels soft and sweet.  The watering of the taste buds melt the cake.  Then it disappears and nothing is left.

17 NOVEMBER 2010: Responding to stimulus questions from David Stavenger (Ghostboy)
  • David:  What is the first thing you see when you shut your eyes? 
I want to provide light because I don’t like the dark.
  • David:  Finish the sentence as many times as you can.  “In the dark ….  “
In the dark I feel scared because there is no light on me.
In the dark I hear noises.
In the dark I see myself as a monster.
In the dark I feel terrified of myself.
  • David: You have fallen down a well.  You are at the bottom of the well.  Describe what you can see.  How does it feel? 
It is dark.  Dark and dangerous. 
When I look around I see nothing.
When I look up I see a glimmer of light.
I have been stuck down here all my life.
I want to get out.
  • David: You try to get out of the well.  How would it happen?  Do you make it? 
I can climb out of the well.
The well is not real.
The well is my mind.
I need to think positively and ambitiously
To seek that glimmer of light
I can do it.

Poems written in 2011 for Cabaret performance, 1 December 2011, in the Sandgate Town Hall.
Jazz Music 
When I hear the swinging rhythm of jazz music
I am allowed to speak with my feet.
I can move to the quavers
and feel the rhythm in my dancing feet.

I see the women you dance so free
The sun warms me all over.
I am drifting in the sea of music
and feel alive.
There is music in my fingers 
I am a dancer in my dreams.
I move and swing and fly.
I dance and sway and glide. 
I will slide and everyone will cry.

You see me. 
I move around the floor. 
I am in perfect time with the music. 
I am in a suit and there are bright lights. 
I like the swing of the rhythm. 
I move without stopping. 
I am in a free mood. 
The music makes me feel awake. 
I am living all my dreams of freedom 
And I like this a lot. 

I prefer to dance with my fingers on the keyboard. 
The music makes my fingers move. 
The music sings from my fingers. 
The music in my fingers talks to others. 
I move all over the keyboard. 
I jump and slide from letter to letter. 
That is my favourite dance.

18 April 2012: Responding to stimulus questions from David Stavenger (Ghostboy)
  • David:  Write a classified ad – as if you are selling something. 
For Sale:  Overused body.  Wrinkled flabby guts going two for the price of one.  Slightly dysfunctional voice screeching guaranteed.  Sloshy bowels not for the faint hearted.  Disconcerting views provided on request.
  • David:  Create a scenario - 3 different elements:  a thief, a tramp, a shopping centre.  
Crash!  The shop gates smashed. 
“This is my territory” squealed a smelly dishevelled man.
A bit shocked and perplexed by the interruption to his midnight raid, he stood silently bemused.
“So what you gonna do to make me, hey?”
With one foul swoop the tramp uncovered his mountain of worldly possessions in the corner.  The stench wafted through the shopping centre like a ripe exotic cheese.
“My store, my space.  Any take over requires that you face the stench!”
The midnight raider chuckled on the inside.  Little does he know about my nose …..
... To Be Continued

  • David:  Look around the room and pick one person.  Don't name them but describe them so others can work out who it is.  Think of their Shape, Colour, smell, hair, sex, mannerisms.
Character description 
Unshaven, young, vigilant, softly loving.

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