Friday, 4 September 2015

Remembering Harley

You might remember a blog post and videos about me working with Harley Mead on a song of mine.  Harley and I had planned to do more work on the song and the instrumental accompaniment.

We were not able to do this work.

Harley was the first real musician to believe in me and to work with me on a song.  I miss Harley as do all his friends.

I think the best way to remember him is through his music.

Here is a recording of Harley singing the melody when we started working.  (The lyrics are written below.)

I have been able to continue work on the song with Adam, who is very good on using digital effects.  Adam watched and listened to Harley's and my ideas on the videos.  He has been true to our vision and I think he has done a great job.

I hope that you like it, and that Harley would approve.


Running through the city with a plan on my mind.
It’s been far too long since I’ve seen my kind.
The business man is singing, the city is strained
at the pounding of the rhythm from my feet through the drains.

Speed is my friend
She is my friend.
I’ll love you to the end my darling friend.

Lightning speed is the thought in my mind
When my body moves it keeps the thinking aligned.
Feeling equilibrium’s the thing that I need
and it all comes down to that yearning for speed.


Running to the sun are you nearly behind
as the yelling in the background drives me totally blind
to the people on the sidewalk and the traffic on the street
but the speed I’m feeling in me helps me keeping the beat.


Don’t let me don’t let me scream the world down
as the lack of outer speed makes my inner world drown
in the buzzing and the tension that is filling my veins
gotta break it and release before they call me insane.


Got to feel the water and the feeling of pain
the only things I feel that tell me I’m here again
Sort of bouncing back to action onto the side of the street
I”ve got to get my body back from pounding my feet.


Written 14 May 2012

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